A Life Abused: An Interview with Doris

The following interview contains content involving child abuse and some violent content. Discretion is advised. Too often, the social system tramples on the very people it is meant to protect. The crushing reality of this is all the more apparent for transgender sex workers, who are caught right in the intersection of two marginalised social […]

Student Activism: an interview with student activist Brenda Tan

1. Why sex workers’ rights? Okay, a bit of a backstory here: I stay on campus in NUS, at College of Alice and Peter Tan. The college offers a seminar called “Hidden Communities”, where we learn about various ‘hidden communities’ in Singapore that don’t gain much public attention but whose members require special consideration from […]

5 Telltale Traits of a Good Escort Agency

Escort noun |ˈɛskɔːt| a person, vehicle, or group accompanying another for protection or as a mark of rank: a police escort | [ mass noun ] : he was driven away under armed escort. • a man who accompanies a woman to a particular social event. Louise and her escort were given the best table. […]

Ah Boys to Bullies: Part 1

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King, Jr.   Since the inception of major education reform in the 80’s, Singapore’s education system has blossomed into a globally recognized model for excellence – ranking 5th in the world in a 2012 education survey conducted by Pearson Group, and […]