A Life In Pictures: Tracy, “Jangan Makan Hati Ye Nok.”

When I was assigned to do an interview which require me to ask my interviewee on sharing their personal private photo to the Project X Blog and knowing the industry too well I was quite sceptical of the idea. Surprisingly it does not take that long on having a willing interviewee who is very open […]

On Safety, Relationships, and Coming Out as a Sex Worker: Interview with Alia

Sex work has been known as, “the world’s oldest profession” throughout the era of human civilization. However, even until today, societal and cultural level of acceptance towards sex workers has always been of prejudice and social stigma. In Singapore we rarely hear voices from our local sex worker women on why they choose to work […]

A Geylang Sex Worker’s Take on the Alcohol Ban

There is a “disproportionate number of law and order and incidents” in Little India and Geylang associated with liquor consumption according to a police operational assessment. “The regular and large congregations of people, both local and foreign in these area exacerbate the risk,” said home minister Mr S Iswaran. Mr Iswaran also explained that this […]