Statement of Clarification and Apology


We refer to the article “More sex workers abused by customers but fear reporting crimes” (The New Paper, 10th June 2019). We deeply regret providing a quote about an incident that allegedly happened two years ago. Those allegations were brought to the Internal Affairs Office of the Singapore Police Force, and we understand that a thorough investigation into the case was conducted. The case concluded and found that the allegations could not be proven. As such, we should not have treated the allegations as facts.

We apologise for casting aspersions on the Singapore Police Force and will ensure greater cooperation with the police to protect the integrity of the Force moving forward.

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Vanessa Ho

Executive Director | [email protected]

Executive Director
[email protected]

Vanessa has been full-time with Project X since 2011, and as a result, has had many opportunities to meet and connect with sex workers in Singapore and around the world. Under her leadership, the organisation has grown from a small group of volunteers to one where there are three paid staff and a team of over 60 volunteers. Correspondingly, she has increased the annual operating budget of the organization five times, and is now recognized as the leading organization that empowers and assists women in the sex industry.

Vanessa has written and spoken extensively about sex work, human trafficking, rape culture, and LGBTQ rights in Singapore. She believes that if people can speak about sex, gender and sexuality in open and in non-judgmental ways, society will become a safer place for everyone.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, and a Masters Degree in Gender, Society and Representation from University College London.