“Whatever that I’m doing now, who am I now, when I’m no longer [around], I wish to be accepted [in the eyes of God] and I will go away peacefully.” Alisha’s Journey of Authenticity, Self-Determination and Self-Acceptance.

Trigger Warning: Substance use   Too often, we only give flowers to people once their walk on Earth comes to an end. Since 1999, the world observes Transgender Day of Remembrance every 20th of November. On this day, we honour the memory of those who lost their lives due to transphobic violence. While violence within […]

“I’m just always afraid that someone’s gonna reject me when they find out this part of myself”. Sugar’s story: Sex Work and its Implications on Mental Health.

Trigger Warning: Mental Health Challenges, Body Image   Sugar’s Shrine (Clay Sculpture by Sugar)   As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, I hoped to capture a sex worker’s journey in navigating mental health. In an industry with its own set of complexities and implications, I wondered how individuals regulate their emotional and mental states, […]

Person-Centred Care: Notes from the Gilead Life Beyond HIV Conference ’22

Hello all, It’s me, Nor! If you haven’t already met or heard about me, I am the newly-appointed Programmes Manager at Project X. I’ve been with the team for a little more than 6 months and I can’t say enough how much it’s been my greatest pleasure to work in an organisation like Project X. […]

Statement of Clarification and Apology

We refer to the article “More sex workers abused by customers but fear reporting crimes” (The New Paper, 10th June 2019). We deeply regret providing a quote about an incident that allegedly happened two years ago. Those allegations were brought to the Internal Affairs Office of the Singapore Police Force, and we understand that a […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Mandarin Linguist – Yingshu

I am Yingshu, a Mandarin teacher at a university in Singapore. I have been volunteering for Project X for over six months. Last year, I decided that since my work and life are relatively stable, it is finally time to step up and help others. I initially considered working with children, but then, came across […]

$15,000 Agent Fees to Work Illegally as a Sex Worker in Singapore

Vietnamese women, Linda and Tania used to do sex work in the same area together in Singapore. One day, Linda told Tania that there’s an opportunity to work for longer periods of time in Singapore as a sex worker, as opposed to just working for one month at a time on the social visit pass. […]

Engagement with the United Nations’ (UN) Human Rights Mechanism

From the 13th to 14th of November 2018, training regarding the Engagement with the United Nations’ (UN) Human Rights Mechanism was organised and held in Bangkok, Thailand. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the training organised by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Regional Office for South-East Asia, […]

Elise’s Story: Cheated, Cuffed, Detained

At Project X, we rarely see happy endings. Many cases brought to our attention feature injustice and abuse against the sex workers who approach us, with little institutional recourse available. However, we happily closed 2018 with a successful case! Elise is transgender woman who was engaged in private escort work to provide for her family […]

Regional Training on Using CEDAW to Advance the Rights of Sex Workers

The Regional Training on Using CEDAW to Advance the Rights of Sex Workers, jointly organised by the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW), Empower Foundation, and the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW-AP) was held in Chiang Mai from 17 to 20 December, 2018. Sex workers’ rights activists came from 12 organisations […]