Project X was established in November 2008 by Wong Yock Leng, a social worker who recognized that sex workers in Singapore are amongst the most marginalized and discriminated in society, and saw a gap in services for the sex worker community. She started with a small team of committed volunteers who would walk the streets of Geylang regularly in order to speak to sex workers and close the gap between sex workers and non-sex workers.

Since then, Project X has grown to become a community based organization where sex workers are hired as staff and are directly involved in the planning and execution of our programs. We believe that sex worker’s rights are the same fundamental human rights that everyone is inherently entitled to. We wish to challenge the stigma and discrimination that results in physical, verbal, emotional, and financial violence. While there are multiple reasons for entering into sex work, the bottom-line is that we are all trying to earn a living in this constantly-inflating economy.

Project X is a part of and governed by the Sunshine Initiative (Singapore), which is a registered society in Singapore. Our Unique Entity Number (UEN) is T14SS0189D. 


  • Empower sex workers of all sexual orientation and gender identity and expression to take charge of their lives by providing space for self-determination.
  • Increase sex workers’ awareness of their basic human rights, thereby increasing reports of violence and abuse.
  • Speak out against violence against sex workers from law enforcers, clients, and members of the public.
  • Increase sex workers’ knowledge of health issues, including but not limited to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.
  • Advocate for universal access to high standards of reproductive and sexual health services.
  • Foster a community that is supportive and inclusive through workshops and events.
  • Dispel myths of sex work and the inaccurate conflation with sex trafficking.
  • Advocate for the end of legal oppression of sex workers.


A fair and safe sex industry for everyone involved and a society that respects sex workers, their clients, partners, and families.

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