Does your family know that you do sex work?

Sex work has always been a taboo subject in our conservative society, more so in Singapore whereby sex workers are muted and kept away from sight. The lack of dialogue about sex work not only serves to silence sex workers but also keeps their confidants silent. This makes the people that sex workers confide in […]

Beginnings of Scarlet Bunnie (Part 1)

Introduction My name is Scarlet. I am 20 years old this year, Chinese and not the least conservative. My decent looking outer appearance and petite stature has deceived everyone into thinking that I am mere girl-next- door, no different from the typical college girl that you see when taking public transport. Of course, I am […]

Why should sex work be considered work?

Most of us would have heard of the general terms that people would refer to folks who are working in the sex industry. First and foremost, the term “sex work”, is an umbrella term for all forms of labor in which sexual gratification of the client is the main objective. According to the documentation by […]