Youth transgender Julie shares her story: “I woke up” (Part 2)

(part one available here) Julie, with Joe Chan, Centre Director of REACH Youth The drugs gave Julie a sense of confidence and allowed her to stay up for entire days. Also, because of the vitality that the drugs gave her, Julie was able to continue her studies in the day while working the streets at […]

Tales from the Invisible Trade: The Real Cover Up

Amid the flurry of interest that greeted my two Invisible Trade books when they were published, one of the most frequently asked questions aimed at me during book signings and press interviews was, predictably, one of the most obvious: “Are the girls on the covers of your books real escorts?” I’ll grant that it’s something […]

Tales from the Invisible Trade: One Brief Shining Moment

It’s been ten years since I wrote Invisible Trade 2: Secret Lives and Sexual Intrigue in Singapore (the sequel to the bestselling Invisible Trade: High-Class Sex for Sale in Singapore), and I have one particularly fond memory attached to it. After it was published, I was invited to present it at a reading/signing session in […]