We conduct outreach to various areas in Singapore, distributing safer sex resources but also to build a relationship with sex workers and encouraging them to voice their opinions on issues that concerns them. We also conduct outreach to sex workers who advertise online. We mostly reach out to Singaporeans and Malaysians, but we also work with sex workers of all genders from the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

The services we provide include: a community center where sex workers can gather and seek support from peers; talks and workshops on relevant topics such as financial literacy and religion; free yoga; counselling; and referrals to social services. We also have an on-going partnership with the Law Society’s Pro Bono Services Office where we educate workers on their rights as well as make referrals for workers who are facing legal problems.

Human Rights Documentation

In order to advocate a safe and fair sex industry, we constantly document and monitor human rights abuses against sex workers. The violence we have documented thus far includes verbal, physical and sexual assault perpetrated by bad clients, partners, family members, and law enforcers. See our “Situation in Singapore” section for more details.

Public Education

This is the platform for sex workers’ voices to be heard. We organize talks, discussions, art exhibitions, and film screenings in order to start a dialogue about the issues surrounding sex work in Singapore. Subscribe to our newsletter if you wish to be updated on our latest events, and email us if you would like to request for a talk.