The Ally Interviews – Terry Xu

You saw them in our video, now find out why they’re allies of the cause!


Why are sex workers’ rights important to you?

Because they are decent human beings earning their livelihood through their body and hard work. I see them as workers who fill up a need of society just like the seemingly insignificant rubbish collectors of cities – just remove them for a week and see what happens. They deserve the protection for their rights just as any legalised profession would possess.


How do you think each of us can stand up for sex workers’ rights in our day to day lives?

By not viewing sex workers’ of a lesser class of individual, and defending against the stigma that is thrown upon them.

There are a lot of people who think sex workers’ rights involves promoting sex work and promiscuity. What would you say to such people?

Sex workers are not minions of the devil who lure unsuspecting human beings to sin – they are simply supplying a service for a market that has that demand.

Why do you think Singaporeans should care about sex workers’ rights?

If they care about having a Singapore that your daughter can safely walk on the streets at 3am, then you better protect the rights of sex workers who are there to fulfil the needs of sexually deprived men in the city.

If you could change one thing about the way society thinks about sex work or the sex industry, what would it be?

Sex work is work, they have to labor to get money on the table, its not a job where they scam or exploit others. This is an honest job that deserves more respect than people give.



Terry Xu is the Chief Editor at The Online Citizen which you can read here,
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