The Ally Interviews – Kelly Kimberly

You saw them in our video, now find out why they’re allies of the cause!

Why are sex workers’ rights important to you?

I think everyone’s rights are important and nobody should have their rights taken away from them regardless of what they do. Sex workers just wanna do their job, I don’t think they deserve to be treated with disrespect or abuse. They’re not hurting anybody doing what they do.


How do you think each of us can stand up for sex workers’ rights in our day to day lives?

By not using the words “Prostitute, Pornstar or Sex worker” as derogatory slurs.

There are a lot of people who think sex workers’ rights involves promoting sex work and promiscuity. What would you say to such people?

It’s really just their job. We shouldn’t judge them. Truth is, Sex sells, It earns you money. Maybe they really need that money and this is the most efficient way to do it without hurting anyone? No one knows what kind of financial struggles they’re facing.

If you could change one thing about the way society thinks about sex work or the sex industry, what would it be?

I hope people can stop looking down on them and treating them like sh*t. They’re not hurting anyone in the process of their work, so they should just be treated with the same respect as you would with any other person.

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