Project X is selling a series of conversation starters for allies and activists alike! We have Zines, umbrellas, badges, stickers, tees, and totes – so wear the message loud and proud!

The Ally Kit!

Ally Kit


The complete ally set to give any activist a loaded arsenal of conversation starters.

Comes with:

  • 1x Badges Set
  • 1x Stickers Set
  • 1x Project X Tee
  • 1x Project X Tote
  • 1x Project X Umbrella


 Project X Tee

13329507_292395471094703_6620779422798137724_o 13411896_292395474428036_3109007417128428442_o


Say it loud and say it proud: “BE NICE TO SEX WORKERS!”.

Female and male model are wearing a size M.

Available in sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL


Project X Badge

13343103_292392647761652_6928585155903419955_n13344545_292392724428311_5174311434205143640_n13413677_292392761094974_6990423998467655664_n 13336003_292392734428310_8951582111418885141_n 13325735_292392727761644_6905107784082229583_n


Choose from 5 different messages to wear.

Badges are 5.8cm in diameter.


Project X Badges Set

Badges Set


Love the badges? Why not get all 5 for a special price!

Badges are 5.8cm in diameter.


Project X Tote




Allies and activists always have a whole bunch of stuff to carry around. Why not spread a message while you’re at it?

Tote Bags are 30cm in width and 35cm in height.


Project X Umbrellas



Rain or shine, the message needs to get out – Only rights can stop the wrongs!


Zines by Sherry

13336093_292392654428318_1443183910302059729_n 13406729_292392594428324_1014157881813168578_n 13417674_292392587761658_6143824408814980877_n


A “Zine” is a mini magazine, and this one is full of illustrations and ideas from sex workers in Singapore. Compiled by our very own staff and former sex worker, Sherry!


Project X Sticker Set


13403923_292392854428298_1682830574017639317_o13391514_292392851094965_1428934158440600784_o13403115_292392774428306_7556265414356066380_o 13411878_292392927761624_713651387016040724_o 13418629_292392847761632_2762774237010501044_o

$4.00 (U.P. $5.00)

The best decoration for your Laptop/Phone/Wallet is Human Rights

Stickers are 7cm x 7cm.





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