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Beginnings of Scarlet Bunnie (Part 1)

scarlet Bunnie 1

Introduction My name is Scarlet. I am 20 years old this year, Chinese and not the least conservative. My decent looking outer appearance and petite stature has deceived everyone into thinking that I am mere girl-next- door, no different from the typical college girl that you see when taking public…

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Standing ovation for the rising star, Syuhaida


Exclusive Interview with the rising star, Syuhaida. A transsexual sex worker who inspires to provide the platform for LGBT community to invest their passion on stage. Some know her as Syuhaida or Che Tah SG, but everyone knows that she is Singapore’s Celebrity Vlogger. Not only her live feed in Facebook…

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LGBTQ Policy Journal

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At the turn of the year, Project X was contacted by the Harvard Kennedy School to contribute an article for the prestigious institution’s journal. While daunting, we sought to shed light on a particularly distressing issue which was scarcely ever discussed – forced sterilisation (programs or government policies which attempt…

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